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Tree Braids Extraveganzas

If it is Tree Braids you are looking for this is your chance to get them done. We are doing all the latest and greatest styles that we are sure you lady’s are thinking thinking about. So please see us soon to try something new. Curly ,Body Wave, Straight , Geri Curl , and Kinky styles for your lovely locs. Protective Hair styling is what we do to keep your hair strong and growing well.

We are having a braiding Festival. We want to braid your hair for you. This is also the time to do Fishtail styles at African Diamond Braids

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African Hair Braiding in Virginia Beach Virginia

If you love your hair when you leave African Diamond Braids let it be. Just let your hair be free from others and those who cannot do the job performed on your hair.  If it were possible for those who are willing to turn you against the person doing the job on your hair to do the job themselves the client would have gone to them in the first place. Believe me whatever job is done at our shop is good and no need to go and allow a none braider to do anything to your professional braiding style. Why do we say this? Well we know that we have people that want to be in charge of your every movement when it comes to your hair. We also know if you go to your stylist we know they want your business and they are not particularly fond of another person doing your. They become defensive and work their way into your mind as they have an obligation as a competitive business to try and win you over (back into their good graces). We are also aware as this nature is the same when going to another braider or another African Braiding Shop. Once we find a COMPETITOR from another business they will find their way into your mind.  You will feel very bad and also as if your braiding style just was not worth the money. Mind games are so very easy to find in this braiding world because the business is growing and there are those who feel as though the job wasn’t worth it because they know a friend who has a cousin that does hair and they only paid $100 to get their head braided. I will say this to you all that even braids are what we do and braids that are the same size and we make your head full of braids as if the braids grew from your head the same as the finished twists or braids on your head.

Now when it comes to hair we do not manufacture hair. We only supply the hair to our customers and we as braiders find it necessary to judge hair and find the best product for our customers. When we visit the chemistry of a human we know that every one is not the same and we have certain things that do not always agree with our bodies. There are certain oils that are questionable to some. To further give clarification, some people are just intolerant to some fruits and vegetables. In this case if you have known allergies let it be known or ask if there is a way to implement a product of your choice into the process at which you receive your services at African Diamond Braids. Again their are things that do not agree with every customer that we serve just as one might go to a doctor and receive medication that does not agree with theit (patient’s) system. We wish the world was perfect without flaws and we wish we had all of the answers to the mystery of one’s body but we are only braiders looking to help our customers to the best of our ability.  If you are not satisfied we will do what we can within our power to make your trip to our salon an experience that you will never forget.

We have discovered that life is very short and there is no need to go to bed with a chip on your shoulder. If their is unfurnished business that should be resolved why spend money and never get help if there is a complaint.  If I were to go to youtube and watch how one might do Tree Braids I would drive myself crazy thinking that the job should be done a certain way. There are many ways to do a braiding job. If there is a particular way one of our clients at our shop wants their braids styled we will try our best to accommodate.  If we are not able we are just not able.  If this is the case we ask if you would like something else or we will ask if it is fine that we do it our way. We realize that women love Braids and Twists. And we also realize that many people do not know what they want. We are also aware that people get what they want and do not like. In this case we talk  them into the fact that this hair style is done correct it is beautiful. We have seen many women get Tree Braids and Crochet Braids and believe that they had too much hair on their heads and come back the very next day to reduce their hair. In fact we have had woman just say take everything out and just do Box Braids or something else all together. The customer knows the hair is installed correctly and they know it is what they asked for. We also can see that the customer just did not know the end result would make them look so different. People tend to be used to a certain  look as they are used to hair hang to or past their shoulders.

We have talked about many  things today and would like to thank the readers and those who choose give a Professional Braiding shop a try. If you want to get your hair done for the first time in an African Salon give us a try. Whatever rumors you may have heard try African Diamond Braids “A tried a proven way to an  African beautification the Natural Way”.

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African Diamond Braids

African Hair Braiding in this day and age is clearly fashion.  The beauty of a woman’s crown with braids and twists bring such a rush to my heart. Every Twist and every Braid that I see on a young lady or woman brings  a warmth to my heart. The beauty of a braid to my eyes brings happiness to me. When we work on a client in our shop we feel special because we know that heritage  is upon their heads. It is something that cannot be explained when a customer comes into our shop. We welcome you with open arms.  We want only the best for you and we want you to repeat as a client. So we care for you to bring about a feeling that you may  like coming back. A beautiful set of  Senegalese Twist can do  wonderous things for you. Once you get work done to your head a new look that is all about beauty  comes to your face and to your heart. The heart and soul of a client that patronizes this shop has many benefits.  Self esteem  immediately becomes a strong point in our clients aura. Once you are able to love the beauty you have by loving who you are down deep on the inside. When you find that new you we know that you will help us find new people just like you to help with the love of oneself. The learning of  your true self can be found inside you and inside of you. We ask you to share what we are about with your friends and family . We want to be your hairstylists.  We want best friends with your hair. We want you to get African Hair Braiding styles with  and feel like you want to come back again and again. Thanks for spending time with us.



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When we think of braids. At least when I think of braids I think of memories when I was a child. I used to watch my sisters getting large single braids for years. As the time went by and we all covered our hair nightly we began to see results of our mothers care. Long thick natural hair full of life. As many styles came about through the years many of us have ventured into things with our hair that our parents would hardly approve of.

I went through so many things with my hair cutting, coloring,  and relaxing. The thing that  I thought I  would never have to go through was hiding my hair. Wearing wigs was something that I said I would never do during my life. But my wig wearing is only for purpose of styling changes on a daily basis. As I still have to Braid my hair for protection and the safety of my locks.

As the times have changed I did realize that Natural is about who I am. It is very important to learn who i am and love myself. My heart longs for self improvement and I  wonder to myself how did I begin to unravel what I was taught as a child and put my body through so much with the so called style, to the point where I damaged my skin and my and my crown of hair that was so dear to me. As I begin to clean myself up and free myself of chemicals freedom and great health follows.

At this time I would like to say that Braids are wonderful and exciting and beautiful. It takes maintenance to have any style of hair on your head whether it be natural or not. Also I am obligated to clean my hair and maintain moisture and security of my whole crown as I lay upon my jewel of a crown nightly. For this I say to my tender head and my hair that flows in one direction. That  I have learned from those who speaks to me of things that are not true to the fact of a braider. It is said and hurtful to tradition that I would blame a person for my lack of responsibility for my own hair (blaming someone for loss of my own hair).

Now let my wonder to myself why I might be mad at a braider because my hair is not lasting when I request that my hair be styled a certain way. Well first off I know that there are daily styles, weekly styles, and bi-monthly styles. So when I tell a braider that i want my hair really big iI know that I must not expect the hair to last two months or even six weeks. I also know that receiving braids or twists without adding hair to the braid or twist it is good for two weeks maybe three. My job in this  part of receiving a service to my hair is understanding that i am a consumer and I am responsible for what I purchase. So I research and find out what I need to do as the manager of what belongs to me.

I need to take time for myself. I need to love myself. I need to be a lover of my hair just as i love my nails. I is a sexy feeling to have health in all ares of my life. Beauty reigns from my crown jewel and it catches the eye of my husband and he is satisfied. As I strengthen my crown with what i need to feed my hair naturally for cleanliness and moisture I shall shine. I need plenty of water and vegetation in my life because my foundation depends on all that I have to balance the power of life . If I can get my hair to shine then I shine. My roots are from my ancestors and I am happy to have the memory of my mother including my family where I can see what all the love was about. My mother had the true love of God in her hands also in her heart. This is why I tell you today that protection, natural hair ,box braids, senegalese twists, tree braids are all in the family of motherly love. I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Braids are for love of self. Yes I enjoy an Afro. With this style of hair it allows the hair to catch filth to often so I recommend that the hair be washed immediately once arriving home.

Woman are very important to life. With this I say to you all,” next time”. I shall point out to you all next why women should learn how to shine and not with jewelry. Please do not let me stop you from shopping my sisters.

People of Newport News If you are looking for a stylist from the African Hair Braiding community Seek out a specialist that enjoys hair and loves customers. Chesapeake I challenge clients to come and see us. Portsmouth we know how you have traveled for years to get your hair braided and twisted. 


Box Braids
Box Braids
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