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Hair Care 101: How to Take Care of Braided Hair

Hair Care 101: How to Take Care of Braided Hair

The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Regardless of the hairstyle, it can’t be denied that the hair has the ability to illuminate a person’s physical features. Because of this, a lot of people experiment with their hairstyles. Some would even visit a hair braiding shop in Virginia just to achieve their goal.

Diverse as we are, people have different preferences when it comes to hairstyles. There are different factors that influence these. It could be due to the latest trends, the environment, or the simple need for change. Some would even take advantage of hair braiding in Hampton Roads, Virginia just to have their desired hairstyle.

Hair braiding in Virginia Beach is not a new fashion trend, but it still continues to attract a lot of people, especially women. After all, who wouldn’t want to sport an attractive and stylish hairstyle?

If it is your first time to try a braided hairstyle, there are things that you need to take note of. As with the switch in hairstyle, there is also a bit of alteration in the hair care routine.

African Diamond Braids, an African braid salon in Virginia, has listed down some tips to help you properly take care of your braids and help it last longer.

  • Apply mousse regularly.
  • Trim fly-away hair.
  • Beware of using styling tools as it could damage the braids.
  • Keep your braids intact by using a scarf while sleeping.
  • Don’t hesitate to re-touch when already needed.

These tips aren’t only guaranteed to help you sustain your stylish hairstyle—these are also proven ways to help you maintain shiny, healthy hair.

Want to try a braided hairstyle?

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The History of African Hair Braiding

The History of African Hair Braiding

Before visiting your favorite African braid salon in Virginia, let us tell you about the origin of African braiding.Hair braiding in the African culture can be traced back to 3500 BC. It started with the Himba people of Namibia. This practice is popular not only for women but also for men. In fact, historically speaking, men have been styling their hair with cornrows since the early nineteenth century; warriors and kings in Ethiopia were depicted to wear cornrows with pride.

Our ancestors have gone through a lot before hair braiding in Virginia Beach is made possible as it is today. They had withstood years of slavery, abuse, and discrimination. Braids became a part of the African identity in more ways than other cultures could ever imagine. In the sixteenth century, for instance, enslaved Africans in Columbia used braids to communicate by spreading messages about escaping. They would keep gold and seeds in their braids to aid their survival as they ran away. Despite all the hardships that they had been through, the crown on their heads carried symbols of hope and freedom.

As a hair braiding shop in Virginia, we are proud to say that braiding is more than just a hairstyle. It is both a ritual and a social service. African hair braiding is a form of art. It is a symbolic tradition passed down from generation to generation.

This is why you must wear your braids with pride. This is a rite of passage for Black women all over the world. So, go get your desired hair braiding in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our braiding experts can make your hair look exactly the way you want it to.

Visit African Diamond Braids today! We also do hair braiding in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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Please understand us while we work on your Hair Style

Please Understand Us While We Work

We get it all the time. And we are just doing our job. We are working and going to school when we get to The United States of America. When we communicate with those we work with many are unable to speak English well . When we laugh and talk many times one of us can’t speak anything English except words that are directly dealing with the job we may be working.
It is quite a revelation to one’s thoughts to find there is just a lack of true understanding when people arrive in the United States from elsewhere . Readers we are talking about people that lived thousands of mile away on the other side of the world. These people (African) have already learned 2-3 different languages by the time they are 8. Now many of them arrive in America with only a mind to make a living and to learn what American culture is about. We want to taste this milk and honey. We have read about it and we have seen it on television.
To tell you the truth I now see that America is a place of many cultures and languages. There are grocery stores that maybe 88% of its customers are foreign. They just will not shop at the grocery stores every American shops in. They have certain tastes that only these certain stores provide. Also many Americans just do not know anything about some of the shopping places foreigners frequent. There are many things that we must think about. We have a certain gift that we have that makes us unique on what we do. Many people can do it if they were to practice constantly. But we are practicing and living this thing so today we service you in what we know to do. Just as many Asian people do nails, there are few cultures that do nails for a living in the United States.

Many times we tend to find fault in anything that we might think of we might do better than someone else. If we are into a business affiliated with people that do things similar for another company or people we know or we do ourselves, we always have advice or some type of burning sensation inside of us that brings forth fault in others. Or just a strong urge that makes us have a very strong opinion about what someone else is doing.
For some reason people always talk about foreigners are over here taking over. These sayings have a certain weight on one’s heart with a certain urge that plain Ole wants to stop anyone that was not born in America to not be able to grow. We listen to news and many conversations that sway a person’s thinking to the point that hate is in the heart.
Can we work the way we work and do a great job is all I ask. I want to let God judge the world. I want to work and help people get to where they need to be and survive. Yes I believe learning English is a must especially to those of us planning to make a life here in this Great country the United States of America. Something we would like to do is not annoy anyone when we speak a language given to us by our ancestors. We are working late many times and we are very tired many times. As we get tired as we need energy to move and we try to keep ourselves busy by talking and having fun.
When we have fun we are not being loud as we can. Nor do we bend over to get close to a customers ear so that we may perceive to be super loud. We have a culture that we do things different from other cultures. There are no two cultures the same on earth. I want to be allowed to live freely without breaking the law. We are working very hard to get your hair the way you want it. We are cleaning to make you feel relaxed and not afraid to sit back in chairs. And we play spiritual music to keep peace on the atmosphere. Once we all learn English we will then be able to hold a conversation with all customers. No person on earth can be a robot nor can people come in for a service and make an environment not healthy. We are here to do what you need but we must communicate with each other because we feed off of each other for energy. We also know that sitting for more than 4 hours can be irritation in itself. But do know that time is a part of your blossoming beauty my lovely ladies.
Understanding us as we understand you should not be not so fun. Maybe we all should try to allow people to live and as long as we are not hurting anyone or invading anyone’s space life can be fun and understood while we work. Thank you all for listening and reading. We ask that you all please support us because we love what we do. Do not nail us to the cross because we have an answer that does not live up to your standards. Let us not have such a short fuse. We come in peace my sisters.
It is time to just live with everybody in harmony. It is very sad that there are those certain someones out to destroy others for no reason. Ladies we are welcoming you with open arms, so ask questions and think of more things to ask. We only want you to feel comfortable with us. We need your business. We are here to give you a service to remember. Thanks .


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Tree Braids Extraveganzas

If it is Tree Braids you are looking for this is your chance to get them done. We are doing all the latest and greatest styles that we are sure you lady’s are thinking thinking about. So please see us soon to try something new. Curly ,Body Wave, Straight , Geri Curl , and Kinky styles for your lovely locs. Protective Hair styling is what we do to keep your hair strong and growing well.

We are having a braiding Festival. We want to braid your hair for you. This is also the time to do Fishtail styles at African Diamond Braids

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African Hair Braiding in Virginia Beach Virginia

If you love your hair when you leave African Diamond Braids let it be. Just let your hair be free from others and those who cannot do the job performed on your hair.  If it were possible for those who are willing to turn you against the person doing the job on your hair to do the job themselves the client would have gone to them in the first place. Believe me whatever job is done at our shop is good and no need to go and allow a none braider to do anything to your professional braiding style. Why do we say this? Well we know that we have people that want to be in charge of your every movement when it comes to your hair. We also know if you go to your stylist we know they want your business and they are not particularly fond of another person doing your. They become defensive and work their way into your mind as they have an obligation as a competitive business to try and win you over (back into their good graces). We are also aware as this nature is the same when going to another braider or another African Braiding Shop. Once we find a COMPETITOR from another business they will find their way into your mind.  You will feel very bad and also as if your braiding style just was not worth the money. Mind games are so very easy to find in this braiding world because the business is growing and there are those who feel as though the job wasn’t worth it because they know a friend who has a cousin that does hair and they only paid $100 to get their head braided. I will say this to you all that even braids are what we do and braids that are the same size and we make your head full of braids as if the braids grew from your head the same as the finished twists or braids on your head.

Now when it comes to hair we do not manufacture hair. We only supply the hair to our customers and we as braiders find it necessary to judge hair and find the best product for our customers. When we visit the chemistry of a human we know that every one is not the same and we have certain things that do not always agree with our bodies. There are certain oils that are questionable to some. To further give clarification, some people are just intolerant to some fruits and vegetables. In this case if you have known allergies let it be known or ask if there is a way to implement a product of your choice into the process at which you receive your services at African Diamond Braids. Again their are things that do not agree with every customer that we serve just as one might go to a doctor and receive medication that does not agree with theit (patient’s) system. We wish the world was perfect without flaws and we wish we had all of the answers to the mystery of one’s body but we are only braiders looking to help our customers to the best of our ability.  If you are not satisfied we will do what we can within our power to make your trip to our salon an experience that you will never forget.

We have discovered that life is very short and there is no need to go to bed with a chip on your shoulder. If their is unfurnished business that should be resolved why spend money and never get help if there is a complaint.  If I were to go to youtube and watch how one might do Tree Braids I would drive myself crazy thinking that the job should be done a certain way. There are many ways to do a braiding job. If there is a particular way one of our clients at our shop wants their braids styled we will try our best to accommodate.  If we are not able we are just not able.  If this is the case we ask if you would like something else or we will ask if it is fine that we do it our way. We realize that women love Braids and Twists. And we also realize that many people do not know what they want. We are also aware that people get what they want and do not like. In this case we talk  them into the fact that this hair style is done correct it is beautiful. We have seen many women get Tree Braids and Crochet Braids and believe that they had too much hair on their heads and come back the very next day to reduce their hair. In fact we have had woman just say take everything out and just do Box Braids or something else all together. The customer knows the hair is installed correctly and they know it is what they asked for. We also can see that the customer just did not know the end result would make them look so different. People tend to be used to a certain  look as they are used to hair hang to or past their shoulders.

We have talked about many  things today and would like to thank the readers and those who choose give a Professional Braiding shop a try. If you want to get your hair done for the first time in an African Salon give us a try. Whatever rumors you may have heard try African Diamond Braids “A tried a proven way to an  African beautification the Natural Way”.

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A Big Win for African Hair Braiding

States Don’t Understand African Hair Braiding. That Hurts These Small-Business Owners.Many cosmetology schools don’t teach hair braiding, and yet most states require African hair braiders to be licensed cosmetologists.
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Customers who visit Salamata Sylla’s tiny hair salon in Kent, Wash., will find two chairs, a television, a wash basin, and not much else. Sylla, 30, mostly uses the basin for rinsing combs. Using her hands, she transforms hair into braids, cornrows, and—her specialty—Senegalese twists.

In Washington state, African hair braiders can open a salon with just a business license. At least, that’s what Sylla thought, until inspectors from the Department of Licensing told her she needed a cosmetologist’s license to braid in hair extensions.

Now Sylla is suing the state with help from a libertarian law firm called the Institute for Justice. Since its founding in 1991, IJ has sued on behalf of hair braiders in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Of eight completed cases so far, two were won in court and six led to a change in licensing rules. Both the firm and its clients believe that occupational licensing laws can infringe on a constitutional right to earn a living. In the case of hair-braiding regulations, they also have the troubling effect of targeting mostly minority women and their businesses.

Sylla started braiding hair as a child, in Senegal, and started to braid professionally as a teenager. “Being able to braid hair the way people like it—it’s a passion. It takes a lot of practice and patience,” she says. With her braiding income, Sylla supports herself and her three children.

The run-in with inspectors left her frightened and frustrated. To get a cosmetology licenses in Washington, you need to complete 1,600 hours of education at a community college or a trade school, and then pass a test. Cosmetology courses cover everything from waxing to pedicuring, but they don’t always teach hair braiding.

Sylla knew that in 2004, another Seattle-area braider had successfully sued the state over licensing requirements. She researched the case online, found the braider had been represented by IJ, and contacted the firm. She says she wants Washington’s laws on what hair braiders can and can’t do to be clear, and to reflect what actually happens inside stores like hers.

IJ may be the only public-interest law firm of its kind. Launched with seed money from billionaire Charles Koch and funded by private donors, the organization represents clients suing in favor of school choice and against government seizure of private property, as well as challenging a wide range of regulations that can make it tough to start a business.

Current and former clients include Chicago food-truck owners protesting city vending laws, Louisianans who want to sell flowers without taking a flower-arranging exam, and Arizonans who want to start animal massage businesses without becoming veterinarians. Some clients request representation, like Sylla; sometimes IJ hears of a regulation and looks for an entrepreneur who wants to challenge it.

The argument IJ lawyers usually encounter is that occupational licenses are needed to protect public health and safety, says Dick Carpenter, the institute’s director of strategic research. But governments generally create licenses in response to lobbying from industry groups. “The license is the fence around their occupation,” he says, something big business creates to keep competitors out.

Hair-braiding regulations show how arbitrary the occupational licensing process can be. Braiders cannot work without a license in 39 states, with education requirements ranging from six hours in South Carolina to 2,100 in Iowa, according to IJ’s findings. Twenty-four states require braiders to become licensed as cosmetologists or hairstylists.

In IJ’s view, hair braiding poses no threat to public health and safety. Some braiders don’t even use combs, let alone dangerous chemicals. They argue that consumers should be able to choose stylists on the free market without government interference.

The braiders IJ represents agree that their lawsuits are about economic liberty. “I say that braiding freedom is the new civil-rights movement. But that’s not really hitting the hammer on the nail, says Isis Brantley, 56, a Dallas natural-hair-care guru. “Braiding freedom is to gain economic justice, economic liberation.”

“Excellent!”Rick, Executive Director for Policy
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Entrepreneurs like Brantley feel they’re part of a cultural struggle, too. Brantley has worn her own hair in a voluminous Afro for about 20 years, to show everyone that black hair is beautiful hair. Brantley calls African hair “the most profound hair in the world.” It has a unique texture that, in America, has long been misunderstood or outright rejected by the dominant culture. Traditional braids and dreadlocks are still considered unprofessional and even banned in many settings—including, until recently, the U.S. military.

By teaching others how to style African hair traditionally, Brantley wants to both give them a livelihood and to spread respect for kinky and curly hair. With IJ’s help, she’s suing Texas over a requirement that practitioners must be state-licensed barber instructors (not necessarily hair braiders) in order to teach the 35-hour course required for a hair-braiding license. She wants to open her own natural-hair-care school.

IJ’s hair-braider clients include Obama voters, Romney voters, and independents. They may not consider themselves activists, but they all want to take action against regulations they deem unfair. They want to get creative with customers’ hair without inspectors challenging them. “I want to be able to work in peace, you know. I’m not asking for too much,” Sylla says.

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