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How to Make Your Braids Stay in All Day

How to Make Your Braids Stay in All Day

It can be truly frustrating to see your perfectly done braids coming undone after just a few hours. You’ve put all your effort into making braids only for it to look like a mess after you’ve moved around. So, how do you make your braids stay all day long? Here are some of the tips on hair braiding in Newport News, Virginia, you can take advantage of:

  • Dry shampoo

    Applying a layer of dry shampoo can add texture to it without adding weight. Don’t worry about leaving white marks on your hair since there are colored dry shampoos you can buy at your favorite hair braiding shop in Virginia.

  • Hairspray

    Using a hairspray can add volume to your hair, which can help keep your braid stay in position. Apply the hairspray before braiding, though, since you have to blow dry your hair and brush it out to get the volume you want.

  • Styling powder

    Styling powder is a superfine powder that you can sprinkle on your hair and work in with your hands. It not only adds volume to your hair, but it also adds grip. You can buy this at any African braid salon in Virginia near you.

  • Bobby pins

    Some people may require more practice in using a bobby pin to keep their braids in place. But it isn’t that difficult to use, though. Once you get the hang of where to insert the pins, hair braiding in Virginia Beach, Virginia, should be a piece of cake for you.

African Diamond Braids is the expert in hair braiding in Virginia Beach. Call us if you want pretty braids!

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