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Please understand us while we work on your Hair Style

Please Understand Us While We Work

We get it all the time. And we are just doing our job. We are working and going to school when we get to The United States of America. When we communicate with those we work with many are unable to speak English well . When we laugh and talk many times one of us can’t speak anything English except words that are directly dealing with the job we may be working.
It is quite a revelation to one’s thoughts to find there is just a lack of true understanding when people arrive in the United States from elsewhere . Readers we are talking about people that lived thousands of mile away on the other side of the world. These people (African) have already learned 2-3 different languages by the time they are 8. Now many of them arrive in America with only a mind to make a living and to learn what American culture is about. We want to taste this milk and honey. We have read about it and we have seen it on television.
To tell you the truth I now see that America is a place of many cultures and languages. There are grocery stores that maybe 88% of its customers are foreign. They just will not shop at the grocery stores every American shops in. They have certain tastes that only these certain stores provide. Also many Americans just do not know anything about some of the shopping places foreigners frequent. There are many things that we must think about. We have a certain gift that we have that makes us unique on what we do. Many people can do it if they were to practice constantly. But we are practicing and living this thing so today we service you in what we know to do. Just as many Asian people do nails, there are few cultures that do nails for a living in the United States.

Many times we tend to find fault in anything that we might think of we might do better than someone else. If we are into a business affiliated with people that do things similar for another company or people we know or we do ourselves, we always have advice or some type of burning sensation inside of us that brings forth fault in others. Or just a strong urge that makes us have a very strong opinion about what someone else is doing.
For some reason people always talk about foreigners are over here taking over. These sayings have a certain weight on one’s heart with a certain urge that plain Ole wants to stop anyone that was not born in America to not be able to grow. We listen to news and many conversations that sway a person’s thinking to the point that hate is in the heart.
Can we work the way we work and do a great job is all I ask. I want to let God judge the world. I want to work and help people get to where they need to be and survive. Yes I believe learning English is a must especially to those of us planning to make a life here in this Great country the United States of America. Something we would like to do is not annoy anyone when we speak a language given to us by our ancestors. We are working late many times and we are very tired many times. As we get tired as we need energy to move and we try to keep ourselves busy by talking and having fun.
When we have fun we are not being loud as we can. Nor do we bend over to get close to a customers ear so that we may perceive to be super loud. We have a culture that we do things different from other cultures. There are no two cultures the same on earth. I want to be allowed to live freely without breaking the law. We are working very hard to get your hair the way you want it. We are cleaning to make you feel relaxed and not afraid to sit back in chairs. And we play spiritual music to keep peace on the atmosphere. Once we all learn English we will then be able to hold a conversation with all customers. No person on earth can be a robot nor can people come in for a service and make an environment not healthy. We are here to do what you need but we must communicate with each other because we feed off of each other for energy. We also know that sitting for more than 4 hours can be irritation in itself. But do know that time is a part of your blossoming beauty my lovely ladies.
Understanding us as we understand you should not be not so fun. Maybe we all should try to allow people to live and as long as we are not hurting anyone or invading anyone’s space life can be fun and understood while we work. Thank you all for listening and reading. We ask that you all please support us because we love what we do. Do not nail us to the cross because we have an answer that does not live up to your standards. Let us not have such a short fuse. We come in peace my sisters.
It is time to just live with everybody in harmony. It is very sad that there are those certain someones out to destroy others for no reason. Ladies we are welcoming you with open arms, so ask questions and think of more things to ask. We only want you to feel comfortable with us. We need your business. We are here to give you a service to remember. Thanks .


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Tree Braids Extraveganzas

If it is Tree Braids you are looking for this is your chance to get them done. We are doing all the latest and greatest styles that we are sure you lady’s are thinking thinking about. So please see us soon to try something new. Curly ,Body Wave, Straight , Geri Curl , and Kinky styles for your lovely locs. Protective Hair styling is what we do to keep your hair strong and growing well.

We are having a braiding Festival. We want to braid your hair for you. This is also the time to do Fishtail styles at African Diamond Braids

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African Diamond Braids

African Hair Braiding in this day and age is clearly fashion.  The beauty of a woman’s crown with braids and twists bring such a rush to my heart. Every Twist and every Braid that I see on a young lady or woman brings  a warmth to my heart. The beauty of a braid to my eyes brings happiness to me. When we work on a client in our shop we feel special because we know that heritage  is upon their heads. It is something that cannot be explained when a customer comes into our shop. We welcome you with open arms.  We want only the best for you and we want you to repeat as a client. So we care for you to bring about a feeling that you may  like coming back. A beautiful set of  Senegalese Twist can do  wonderous things for you. Once you get work done to your head a new look that is all about beauty  comes to your face and to your heart. The heart and soul of a client that patronizes this shop has many benefits.  Self esteem  immediately becomes a strong point in our clients aura. Once you are able to love the beauty you have by loving who you are down deep on the inside. When you find that new you we know that you will help us find new people just like you to help with the love of oneself. The learning of  your true self can be found inside you and inside of you. We ask you to share what we are about with your friends and family . We want to be your hairstylists.  We want best friends with your hair. We want you to get African Hair Braiding styles with  and feel like you want to come back again and again. Thanks for spending time with us.



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