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How to Grow Your Afro the Healthy Way

How to Grow Your Afro the Healthy Way

Afro hair can be tough to manage. They don’t easily grow the way you want them to. In some cases, you may have to frequently visit the salon for hair braiding in Virginia Beach just to make your locks more manageable.

With these tips, you can grow healthy and strong afro locks the natural way.

  • Pick your comb wisely.

    For afro hair, it is best to use a wide tooth comb. You may already have heard from a staff member at your favorite hair braiding shop in Virginia that there are brushes specifically made for African-American hair. Look for that, and remember to never comb out your tangled hair while it is dry.

  • Consider changing your pillowcase.

    Pillowcases made of satin or silk are better choices because they can help reduce loss of natural hair moisture and oils. Look for ones that are hypoallergenic too.

  • Moisturize.

    One of the secrets to healthy-looking hair is proper moisturizing. If you go for hair braiding in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the staff will usually want to moisturize your hair before braiding. After all, when your hair is moisturized and well-nourished, it becomes more elastic. This prevents breakage and brittleness too.

  • Avoid the heat.

    Heated tools can damage regular hair, even more so afros. Instead of using a hairdryer to dry your hair, let it dry naturally. If it is necessary to use heated tools, use heat protectant spray and set the tool on its lowest heat setting.

African Diamond Braids is the best African braid salon in Virginia that can help you take good care of your afro. Visit us and let us do our hair magic!

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Simple Hair Care Tips That You Can Follow

Simple Hair Care Tips That You Can Follow

Do you fancy hair braiding in Virginia Beach? You should prepare your hair for it. It is always best to keep your hair healthy and strong so it can handle the braiding process.

How can you ensure the good health of your hair? Before you go to a hair braiding shop in Virginia, follow proper hair care. The following are some of the simple ones you can do.

  • Avoid shampooing your hair often.

    Most people shampoo their hair almost every day or every time they take a bath. But, shampooing too often can actually damage your hair. Shampoo can dry it out which makes it difficult for the strands to become shiny and moisturized.

    You might want to limit shampooing to every other day. Also, you can use dry shampoo if you feel that your hair is becoming a little too greasy.

  • Choose the right kind of hairbrush.

    Do you know that there are different kinds of hairbrushes? Each type has a specific function. For instance, a paddle brush can help detangle long hair while a boar-bristle brush helps enhance the smoothness of the hair.

    Find the type of brush that is best for your hair, especially if you will be undergoing hair braiding in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Avoid pulling your hair back tightly.

    Pulling the hair back too tightly can cause major damage, such as balding. The front hairline suffers the most damage in this scenario.

African Diamond Braids is your go-to African braid salon in Virginia. Call us today for your questions!

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